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Salmon Capital Campbell River

The story of how salmon shapes the identity of Campbell River and led to its crowning as the Salmon Capital of the Word

A Film by 

Eiko Jones and Kim Isles

Nourish Journey Productions


  Returning each year, salmon have historically been a significant part of Campbell River, from the Indigenous people’s ancient use to present day fishing and tourism ventures.  Most people in the world only know salmon as something on a menu or in a can. The people of Campbell River are lucky to know salmon on a more intimate basis. This expose style film will show, through conversations with local people and powerful imagery, why salmon are so important to the citizens of this area.
   The film will look at the local Indigenous people’s usage of salmon throughout the ages in food and ceremony and how integral to their survival salmon have been. They understand the connection between the salmon, the land, and the waters.

This film will also look at the significant impact Roderick Haig- Brown had with his pioneering conservation efforts. His work in the community led to a world-wide awareness of Campbell River as a mecca for anglers. This story will look at the rise in sport fishing and how it has developed into a major part of the town’s identity.

 A shift has been taking place in people’s awareness and connection to the natural world, and with this, an increase in eco-tourism. Instead of coming to Campbell River to just catch salmon, many people from near and far come here to experience the other forms of wildlife that abound in the area. We will see in this film how multiple companies are offering adventures that get people out into the wilderness to experience bears, orca, eagles and more.  We will show how most of this wildlife is here because of the salmon. Salmon are facing challenges and this film will look at various aspects of this current reality. We will speak with people engaged in salmon enhancement, river restoration projects, aquaculture and other community-based initiatives. With an eye to the future, we will look at the tech industry, and how it is developing ways to help the salmon populations. This will include computer modeling, artificial intelligence, fish monitoring, advances in fish healthcare and fish transport, as well as other applications of technology focused on sustenance, maintenance and restoration of stocks.

  The goal of this film is to showcase how, throughout time, salmon have been the common thread woven into the fabric and culture of this community, and how they will be long into the future. But it really is a story about the people of Campbell River.

Watch the movie by clicking below.


This film is made possible by the financial support of the following.

Telus Storyhive Documentary Grant

Creative BC

Economic Development

Kammersgard Family Trust

Trevor Despins

BC Center for Aquatic Health Sciences

Anita Painter- Remax Realty

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